Monday, April 8, 2013


When I blogged last, surgery had me just about given up my hopes of finishing the half marathon.  I was going participate in the relay instead and was trying to be positive about it.  But when the time came to actually register for the race I had an epiphany.  Both Team Manager Tonya and Coach Missy said that they thought I could do the half.  Hmmmm......something to ponder.

Life had been crazy, there has been many changes and a setback or two, but the bottom line was - I NEEDED A WIN.   So I decided to make one.  I registered for the half and picked up on my training.

So, yesterday I was up at 5AM, laced up my running shoes and joined thousands of other athletes at the Sunsphere,

I was much calmer than I expected - thanks to my teammates and coaches.  The night before I watched a video of last years race several times.  I thought that visualizing folks crossing the finish line in Neyland Stadium would help keep me going.  It did.

Knoxville is such a beautiful city and seeing it from the vantage point of the race was amazing.  People were encouraging and kind, the weather was wonderful and it was the physically hardest thing I have done - ever.  It was a perfect day.

It took me over 4 hour complete the half.  I never had a moment where I thought I couldn't do it.

 Here is what I learned:
  • Your mind will tell you to stop before you body does.  I am stronger than what my mind and my body tells me I should be.
  • There is nothing better for your spirit than doing something that you didn't think you could do.
  • You are never too old to be a bad ass. (Excuse the language please)
What I won:
  • A really cool medal
  • A farmer tan and some blisters
  • A "really good" kind of sore body.
  • Some amazing friends.
  • An experience to last a lifetime.
When I finally turned the corner and saw Neyland Stadium, my tears caught me off guard.  I don't know if they came from pride, or relief or both.  Regardless, I earned those too.

For those of you who don't know - Neyland Stadium (home of the Vols) is the "mother ship" for virtually everyone in East Tennessee.  To run across the field (in the footsteps of Peyton Manning), and see my sweet husband, parent and friends was simply beyond words.

This is not the end - in fact, it is just the beginning.

- Kim


  1. Way to go! You are such an encouragement. I agree this is just the beginning, and you will continue to do amazing things!