Friday, December 28, 2012

It's About to Get Serious.....

The last few weeks have been full of challenges.  Between the holidays and work my life has been more crazy than usual.  I have not been consistently tracking my food intake but am working on it and am trying to get to the next weigh in without any holiday weight gain.

Last Saturday I did my longest distance ever (5.5 miles).  I do mostly fast walking and am working on increasing my capacity to run. Yesterday, my husband and I did 3 miles and I didn't struggle at all.  A couple of months ago I could not have imagined that.  On January 1, 2013 I will do my first 5K.  :)

The Knoxville Marathon is April 7, 2013.  I know I can be ready to complete the half marathon by then - but will need to take things up a notch and be "all in" for the next 3 months.  This is a little scary.

When it comes to fitness endeavors, I have seldom been a "finisher".  I have started many food plans, exercise programs and set many goals - but usually quit when the going gets rough,  "I'll start again on Monday"  has been such a mantra that it is almost a joke.  There is always an excuse - a reason why I can't do it, some piece of the puzzle that is missing, some reason why immediate gratification outweighs my dreams of being healthy and athletic.

As a member of the Covenant Health - Knoxville Marathon "Biggest Winner" team, I have been given all kinds of resources to help me succeed.  My teammates are a lot of fun and super encouraging.  If I can't achieve my goals with this type of support I will have no more excuses.  I will have to accept that I have chosen not to change.  That is the most scary thought of all.

So, it's about to get serious.  The next three months will show if I can follow though and achieve this goal.  It will determine if I can stop making excuses and wanting a "do-over".  Most importantly, it will show if I think enough of myself to keep the promises I make to ME.

I can and I will.

Stay tuned.


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